Audit and Assessment Services

2nd Party Assessment

We can develop 2nd party assessment programmes to meet the specific needs of your organisation to provide visibility on internal systems and for traceability through your supply chains.

Venture Plus provides a range of
audit and assessment services to
the timber and paper industry

Internal Audit

We can develop internal audit and assessment programmes to enable your company to ensure compliance with certification or due diligence requirements prior to assessment by a certification body or monitoring organisation.

Personnel at Venture Plus Consulting are qualified Lead Auditors for FSC and PEFC certification. We have worked with organisations in all sectors of the timber and paper industries from forestry operators, harvesters and primary processors through manufacturers, distributors and retailers.


We provide audit services for accredited certification bodies. We are currently contracted with FSC / PEFC accredited certification bodies to deliver audit services for Chain of Custody certification and assessment services to monitor compliance with EUTR due diligence systems.

We can bring this experience to your company to support the development your systems.

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